God gave me this a few years back. I remember it being a time of frustration, of wondering what parts of my life truly mattered. Trying to prioritize so I never lost sight of God’s will. I believe God gave me this to relieve my frustration and remind me of His absolute love. I needed to know I could give myself a break. God knew I needed a break. This starts after death as God goes through my life.


As it all begins to crash down around me, I cling to God. Past works, more current ones. Deeds done for the wrong reasons, wrong heart attitudes, all of it brought before God. In this moment, in His power I know He will justly decide what stands and what falls. It was my choice…All of them had been my choice.

As the storm clouds gather, lightning and thunder raging, I squeeze God even tighter. I can no longer watch as my “works” are judged. Burying my face into God’s robes I let the silent tears fall. I have no idea what will remain when the judgement is over. I know God, I know His promises, I know shame has no place in my life, but I still cannot bear to look. Would any of my works survive? Had I truly lived a life glorifying to God?

“My child, look. Look what remains, it is beautiful.”

Cautiously, I unbury my face, slowly observing the remains of my works on Earth. The sky above, perfectly clear, the raging waters gone. A strip of beautiful golden buildings sat before me. Laughter, words of encouragement, prayers and tears of joy echoed throughout. My heart felt about to burst, as I searched this sudden city God had brought forth of my “works”.

At the end of the city I saw it. I saw the tower of black, billowing smoke that represented my selfish works. What I choices I had made for myself, what I had done for myself instead of God. My heart broke and I began to tremble. God’s hands rested on my shoulders.

“Father, I am so sorry. How..What could I have done differently?”

“You see the beautiful city I have made by the works you gave me?”

“Yes. It is beyond anything I could imagine.”

“Everything you did in my name, for my glory, you placed in my hands. That tower is filled with everything you refused to place in my hands. The things you kept from me. While you walked the Earth I never intended for you to hold onto anything.”

“I should have let go.”

“You are with me now. That life is finished.”

In a single moment the black tower vanished as God led me into the golden city.

This is a vision God gave me. I know it was to teach me to release the things that I cannot use for God. I know He was teaching to realize what is important and what is not. I’ve grown a lot from these lessons He has given me over the years. I’m blessed.



The circumstances of my life and the environment I grew up in made me a "fixer". When I surrendered that burden that was never mind to carry, God made me a prayer warrior.

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