When you have a dream it is always a good idea to write it down in a little notebook so the Lord can use them to teach us things that our brains are too busy to grasp while we are awake.

Here is one I had January 2,2012:

I was walking on a road with a very nice man, and suddenly the road became broken, bumpy and full of pot holes. The man said, ‘that’s the way the road is from time to time, full of cracks and pot holes, but keep walking a bit further and it will be like a new road; so don’t lose your peace.’

And suddenly I could see the new road right before me, and just as the man spoke to me I was renewed with peace and hope.

I woke up!

And was reminded of this verse “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.’ Psalm 23:4

So keep a notebook and pen on your nightstand.

Love you and be a blessing

Bro Walt

Walt Irwin

Walt Irwin

Owner of Norther Dutchess Locksmith in Rhinebeck NY. I am a seasoned youth minister in the Alliance denomination in Long Island NY. My passion is to see others grow in the Lord and develop a love relationship with Him that stirs them on the serve Him in everyday life.
Walt Irwin

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