A few years back God gave me a gift. I was walking home from work and something caught my eye. At first it seemed iridescent, but stopping and actually looking I realized it was a dragonfly. Two in fact were hovering right in front of me. Both of them had this black body, but wings that were just iridescent and beautiful. In that moment I took a breath and realized God was trying to get my attention.

It was a simple (to most people), but exquisite gift from God to me. I was breathless and my eyes filled with tears that day just staring at those beautiful creations. I love you. They seemed to whisper to me.

Yesterday or the day before (the time goes by so fast) God sent me a red dragonfly. I’d never seen one of those before. I’d seen a blue dragonfly and the two black and iridescent ones I already mentioned. This one looked like a fuzzy blanket. You know the kind that are bright, welcoming and soft? The funny thing is I was so caught up in my own thoughts I didn’t notice it until it nearly flew in my face. I backed up thinking it was a bee.

When I saw that red dragonfly, I foolishly spent a mere second smiling and thanking God. Instead I should have realized that God was saying, I love you. Trust me, I wanted to hear that more than anything this week and I’m sure I needed it just as much.

Take a moment. Take a breath. What is God using in your life to say I love you.

This isn’t the first time something like this has occurred in my life. I’ve learned to pay more attention over the years so I don’t miss any of God’s love gifts or blessings. I call these moments, these gifts….My God Moments.



The circumstances of my life and the environment I grew up in made me a "fixer". When I surrendered that burden that was never mind to carry, God made me a prayer warrior.

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Dragonflies. God Moments.

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