There are many facets to a life lived for the Lord as an evangelist. (Being ready to share Jesus at home, work, leisure and in our daily routine)

Home is a perfect place to share God’s love and beginning when the kids are small. Let me share a few life stories that will shed some light on evangelism in the home.

Recently, I was attending my grandson’s birthday party with many of his small friends. How I enjoy all the festivities and love shared with each other.

The food was served on the patio/deck area where they could enjoy their own children togetherness. When asked who would like to say the blessing there was a torrent of, “I do, me, me”. I smiled and thought of their willingness and desire to pray. That obviously started at home early in their lives and for them. “Thanks” to the Lord was an obvious and appropriate behavior before dinning.

I have also noticed how careful my daughter is to turn the children’s attention to their own behavior concerning other children’s feelings.

If there is a misunderstanding or offense committed against another child, there is an immediate call to reflect their actions/wonder with an apology kindly offered. This all works to make the child strong in the Lord and prepares them for a godly and unselfish adulthood. And just think of the evangelism demonstrated to the neighborhood kids as they are influenced by their positive behavior.

As we live our lives, there are many home and marital situations that call for the utmost care and diligence to evangelize our loved ones. Always remember that our obedient adherence to God’s word (Eph 5) will always be the beginning of evangelism in the home.

What would our nation be like if a Christ like example was demonstrated in every home?

Love you and be a blessing.

Brother Walt

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Walt Irwin

Walt Irwin

Owner of Norther Dutchess Locksmith in Rhinebeck NY. I am a seasoned youth minister in the Alliance denomination in Long Island NY. My passion is to see others grow in the Lord and develop a love relationship with Him that stirs them on the serve Him in everyday life.
Walt Irwin

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Evangelism Starts at Home
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