There was no telling what kind of response, if any, I would receive by sharing my journey through depression with such transparency. I wondered if there would be judgement or if I was just being too honest in my writing.

Instead, I was greeted with kindness and love from those who read my post. Surprised, no, but humbled. YES!

Transparency is the only way to destroy depression. I was so ashamed that I couldn’t put a “happy face” on that I hid. I would get through work, I would come home and avoid all contact with anyone in my life. My boyfriend and immediate family (parents & brothers) were the only ones I spent time with.

My darkness starts with this first lie. Christians shouldn’t be depressed. I don’t know why or how I ever came to believe this lie, but I did and that lie cost me dearly.

Accepting that lie stole months and months of time from friends and believers I needed to be around. People that would have lifted me up, prayed with me and listened.

I hid at home, in my room, avoiding as much interaction as I could. God has brought me to the understanding that transparency is the only way I can beat the enemy and whatever plans he has against me. Opening up about my depression has been one of the most difficult and beautiful decisions in my life. God uses everything and He is using this journey.

I’m not foolish. I understand I have a long way to go, but I also understand I cannot hide any longer.

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The circumstances of my life and the environment I grew up in made me a "fixer". When I surrendered that burden that was never mind to carry, God made me a prayer warrior.

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Transparency. Destroying Depression One Truth At a Time.
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