To provide the local community with Christian life coaching services, a helping hand to the elderly, and a network of contacts for individual needs of the people God puts in front of us. Through these services we also distribute Christian literature to encourage as we see fit.


Ministry Statement

We are founded on the basic principle that everyone needs someone to care. Each of us has within us through Christ the potential to minister to another. These are some of the practical ways we will be helping others.

  • Teaching and implementing Christian layperson how to begin to develop their own ministry, no matter how small, to become a viable resource for the Lord’s use.
  • To help women cope with their daily life, issues, and fears via our internet life coaching site Victory is Now .
  • Supply printable material as needed for teaching and training purposes. This includes some material that we have written and published, but also includes other materials for classes or networks we might need (Bible Study resource books and more) Some of our resources will be available for a free or low cost download on this site.
  • We believe in serving our community, especially the needs of the elderly and are working to coordinate a service through which they might contact one of our members for a simple need like a changed light bulb for instance or a small maintenance job.
  • Through our work and ministry we will be forming a network of contacts through which to refer the people we minister to, whether it be to refer them to a food pantry, a social worker or hospice advisor. Whatever their need is we desire to be able to help ease the burden.

The focus of the literature that we distribute is

  • To lead others to Christ
  • To help believers learn to love others through their daily lives
  • To enable Christians to have a better understanding of the cultures problems like anxiety, fear, identity etc and to educate believers on ways of helping these people work through their issues and ultimately find freedom in Christ.


How did we form this team? (written from Naomi’s perspective)

More than ten years ago I met Walt through my job. I was a teenager at the time, working at a convenience store. Walt was a seasoned Christian and business man.  One day he started a conversation with me about the Lord because of my Biblical name.  At the time I was deeply in need of Christian encouragement. The Lord laid it on Walt’s heart to show me the amazing love of God, which he has done through years of mentoring. Now we have an amazing father/daughter relationship which has filled a great void in my life, as my own father passed away when I was quite young.

God has given us an amazing call to serve our communities through our relationships, business contacts, and others in our community. Daily we ask God to help us to be His hands and feet as we bear His light in the world.

Walt’s letter of introduction

Dear Ones,

Several years ago my friend was hurt on her job and suffered a severe injury that required her to be out of work for many week. I remember asking her who came to visit or call her from work while she was laid up. “No one” was  her response; “not even a card!”

I remember that I felt sad and disappointed at the same time, and I decided to never allow that to happen to another hurting person.

Well, this is how CRM (Christian Resource Ministry) got started. I needed to put flesh on my plan to be God’s love vessel to minister aid to the hurting.

What we plan to share with you are ideas, testimonies, Scripture, poems, spiritual encouragement and much much more material to help you start your own CRM, (and also to help you grow spiritually in the Lord).  This is not only about us, but us together touching lives for CHRIST!

A good formula to remember is A +P = O or be available plus be prepared equals 0pportunity. As you begin your ministry always have stuff with you (in your car, office, home etc.) that may help encourage someone and at times share the salvation message.

Remember this is not so much a ministry to win the lost, although do be prepared if the opportunity arises, but helping our Christian community to maturity and effectiveness.

Love you and be a blessing,

Brother Walt

This site was started as another avenue to serve Christ as we write about our faith.