how to start a card ministryHow many of us like to get real mail? I bet we all do.

Think of a card ministry as a simple way to bless someone else. It is easy to start and can become part of your weekly routine.

  1. To start be prepared! You will need
  • Cards & envelopes. Some great card packs can be ordered from Fairhope Notes. Maybe you are the type that likes to make your own cards
  • Return Address labels
  • Stamps
  • Address Book

Keep these things together in a desk draw or a box that way when you find you want to send a card you have everything you need to be ready.

2. Purposefully look for opportunities. You can find birthdays and anniversaries on you church calendar. Keep your ears open for people who are sick that could use a get well card. Often times people are just going through a rough time and would be blessed by a card with an encouraging message. Look around in church or in your sphere of influence for people who have been faithfully serving the Lord for a long time, & take the opportunity to send them a note of appreciation. Also we have soldiers serving our country daily. Send a thank you note in appreciation for all they have done.

Many cards have a message inside suitable for the occasion. This relieves the pressure of writing a lot so you can just add a short sentence or two.

Here is a word of encouragement from our founder Walter Irwin

Dear Ones
We have done this here and with great success and it is so easy. It just takes that special something in your heart that says “I care about you.”Think about starting a card ministry in your area of influence. This is something most people seem willing to try since they can stay in the background and still have a positive impact on troubled lives.

Many people feel that “no one cares” so you be that one that says to a hurting soul “I really do care for you and you are special.”

God will bless your ministry; trust me!

Love you and be a blessing,