Listed below is a compiled alphabetical list of poems about faith from our team and other poets.

God gives us gifts for a reason – to use them to build up the body of Christ, glorify His name and draw all men unto Him.

Many of our poems are available for download as a pdf file formatted to  bookmark size.  Feel free to print them and share with others.   We recommend using colorful cardstock and inserting them into a plastic bookmark sleeve. These are perfect to have on hand to insert into a card or to just hand someone who needs encouragement.

These poems can also be used on the back of a church bulletin or a greeting card. We only ask that you include the copyright info, author and our web address if you print our poems in another format.

A Call to Service by Walt Irwin

A Christmas Poem by Kristin Langner

At the Foot of the Cross by Naomi Fata

Come Remember Me by Naomi Fata

Easter: The Son Rises by Walt Irwin

God is There by Melissa McAvoy

Heart Filled by Naomi Fata

Horizon by Naomi Fata

I Heard You by Belinda Morse

In His Time by Walt Irwin

In the Presence of the King by Naomi Fata

I’ve Got Your Back by Walt Irwin

Love of God by Naomi Fata

Manna by Naomi Fata

Mission Present by Walt Irwin

No Need to Worry by Melissa McAvoy

Perfect Faith by Walt Irwin

Portrait of Prayer by Naomi Fata

Rest by Naomi Fata

Silence by Walt Irwin

Silence of Solitude by Naomi Fata

Still Heart by Naomi Fata

Take Rest In the Cross by Walter Irwing

Tears by Naomi Fata

The First Christmas by Melissa McAvoy

The Busyness of Soul: by Naomi Fata

The Lord’s Prayer (prayer guide)

The Seeking Heart by Naomi Fata

The Rest of God by Naomi Fata

Time Does Not Wait by Vanessa Chesters

Trust by Naomi Fata

When You Need a Friend by Melissa McAvoy

Where by Rob Moore

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